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May 17, 2018
Feb 13, 2018

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Adventuress of the Open Galaxies, Female

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Praying to Paperwork Gods and pushing the reset button. Thermals, anyone? Apr 27, 2018

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May 17, 2018
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    Atelier Annie, Fire Emblem, Disgaea, Solitaire at work :P
    I'm but a lone adventuress seeking greater pastures and finer beers. The fact that I said finer beers says I don't even know how to drink beer. Replace that with peach soju.

    I'm taken over by a fujoshi adventuress in the outside world, but here I am simply Azuki. Azuki Lemons is possessed by a fictional character who refuses to stay fiction and me AKA kyuu-ko AKA human creator with alter egos who needs to work on roleplaying.

    I love to travel, have a serious allergy to anything related to settling in one place for more than 2 years (which explains my fantasizing call to adventures since I've been stuck at my DDJ for longer), and wish I had a hamster friend. Or bunny. Or gerbal. Coupled with peach soju on ice. "On ice" makes all drinks sound fancy. No one's told me otherwise. (Cue sad violin over loner-dom).

    Wild tales are my ambrosia and anime is my life. That said, LitRPGs and VR are the future. If I see anyone in Sector 2 of the Norn Galaxy or maybe in some ancient ruins chased by the undead, let's grab a drink, yes? It'll be on ice, served by a most dashing bartender in a red vest with fine embroidery.

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    1. Torch Torch


      Feb 13, 2018, Items
      A nifty torch that allows you access into the "Deep, Dark Cave" forum!
    2. Used Typewriter Used Typewriter

      Used Typewriter

      Feb 13, 2018, Items
      This ancient machine will allow you entry into the Aspiring Writer Guild!
    3. Aspiring Writer Badge Aspiring Writer Badge

      Aspiring Writer Badge

      Feb 13, 2018, Items
      This will add the "Aspiring Writer" badge to your profile in the forums.