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    Reader, writer, coder, speculator, great guesser

    Help Save the Monarch Butterfly from Total Extinction
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    1. Writer's Robe of Optimism Writer's Robe of Optimism

      Writer's Robe of Optimism

      Apr 10, 2021, Clothes
      This awesome robe is made of the nicest softest bastet fur. Once you put it on, you gain the ability to write. And write you will if nothing else than a bad check because of the optimism that this Robe will bring you. +10 to optimism.

      Downside, it's so soft, it's almost impossible to take off. You'll have to spend some willpower to take it off to shower. On the other hand, you are a writer. You only need to do that once every two weeks after you've cut your grass.
    2. Bone Dragon Mount Bone Dragon Mount

      Bone Dragon Mount

      Apr 10, 2021, Armor
      Forget warded walking shoes, buy yourself a mount and you won't even have to walk. I don't even have to mention how freagin' awesome owning a Pet Bone Dragon is.