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    1. Broken Gloves Broken Gloves

      Broken Gloves

      Jul 29, 2018, Armor
      A set of broken gloves. Maybe if they get repaired they might give you a quest, or become part of a set.
    2. Torch Torch


      May 13, 2018, Items
      A nifty torch that allows you access into the "Deep, Dark Cave" forum!
    3. Bong Bong


      May 13, 2018, Items
      Will grant you access to Digital Colorado in the Metaverse.
    4. Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly Tattoo

      Butterfly Tattoo

      May 13, 2018, Items
      In the back of the shop, @Felicity Weiss employs a halfling tattoo artist named Carnie who will carve an intricate design into your arm. She only does one tat which kinda looks like a butterfly-creature-thing.
      This will change your postbit to #D67AFB.
    5. Long Scarf Long Scarf

      Long Scarf

      May 13, 2018, Clothes
      Attached to this long scarf, hidden from view except from the careful eye, you spy a key to the Tardis. Seeking adventures through time and space, you offer to buy the Fourth Doctor's scarf for a measly 50 gold. To your utter surprise, he agrees, taking it off and tossing it in your direction. (Grants access to Inside the Tardis.)
    6. Used Typewriter Used Typewriter

      Used Typewriter

      May 12, 2018, Items
      This ancient machine will allow you entry into the Aspiring Writer Guild!
    7. Aspiring Writer Badge Aspiring Writer Badge

      Aspiring Writer Badge

      May 12, 2018, Items
      This will add the "Aspiring Writer" badge to your profile in the forums.
    8. Sword of Sands Sword of Sands

      Sword of Sands

      May 12, 2018, Weapons
      Featured in Human, Tower of Gates Book Two, this weapon grants you access to the Paul Bellow Guild.