[01/29/19] Raising Allies (New Game Minus #2)

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    Hello! I'm here to post about my recent book:

    Here are some less marketing-like reasons why you might want to give my book a try:

    • The protagonist is an NPC, which I hope offers a fresh take on familiar genre tropes.

    • He's locked into playing a "Barbarian" class, with only limited class abilities instead of magic.

    • His allies include a glitched merchant NPC who heavily exploits the rules for non-combatants.

    • In this book he gets his necromancy back, but it doesn't go how he wants. =D

    • This book offers a complete story, as in beginning/middle/end instead of a cliffhanger. I pledge that regardless of how many people buy the book, I'll definitely finish the trilogy, which will give the overall story arc a satisfying conclusion.


    Bloodwraith was a villain who hated adventurers until he found himself transferred into the body of one. Trapped without his magic, he discovered that alien beings were using his reality as a game... and he had just become a player. Teaming up with a glitched NPC and other adventurers, he has no choice but to learn the truth about himself and his world.

    Finally free of obligations, Bloodwraith can recover his necromancy and strike back against the beings controlling his world. Little does he know that one of them is now hunting for him: his old adventurer nemesis is still alive in his old body. Not only does the adventurer plan to get his body back, he's not going to play fair to get it.

    Journeying to a new city, with new rivals and potential allies, Bloodwraith will be challenged in many ways. But in the end, he will be facing his past life, and this time he will need to decide what it is he really wants.

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