[10/13/2018]Sacrifice to a Demon God (Battle for Glory 3)

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    My release this weekend is a LitRPG Lite HaremLit with graphic sex and violence. Vicious NPC characters, orcs, a drow battle-mage villain, and a, um, harem.


    In the Player vs Player Virtual Reality MMORPG game <b>Battle for Glory</b>, it is kill or be killed.

    After being permanently trapped in the game, Cormac now enjoys the love and support of three amazing women: Elky the Amazon warrior, Kahlan the cleric-healer, and Meike the elven sorceress/dragon-shifter. Together, they roam the world looking for adventure and loot. All is well, until they cross paths with Lord Draknar Helbringer.

    Draknar has found a hack to level up in leaps and bounds by sacrificing young women to his wicked god on full moons. When the evil battle-mage kidnaps Meike to be his sacrifice to a demon god, Cormac and his remaining ladies find themselves in a race against time to save the elfmaid. Kill the drow battle-mage, save the elfmaid.

    BTW, this series contains a harem of strong, beautiful women, so if you don't like graphic sex you might want to steer clear. Just saying.

    Amazon & Kindle Unlimited: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JVXZBF6/

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