[8/24/2020] Pyresouls Apocalypse: Rewind

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    It’s been hard to see so many people requesting books that are like Dark Souls, grimdark, or deal with the apocalypse and not be able to say anything. But no more!

    Some of you may know me as the author of Beastborne (https://amzn.to/32S9A00), which now has over 300 reviews, and 10 MILLION page reads, but most of you probably don’t and that’s cool too because I love making more friends.

    A little bit about me: I’m a huge nerd who doesn’t know how to pace himself, which means I worked my day job (as an EMT) while continuing to write Beastborne, and at the same time I wrote Pyresouls.

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit another series in there, but for now, both series are being written side-by-side which means I don’t pause Beastborne to write Pyresouls, or vice-versa.

    I’m super proud of Pyresouls, and I’m more than eager to share it with each of you. I hope you’ll enjoy it but enough rambling, here’s the juicy bit:

    A legendary time travel adventure to reverse the apocalypse and save humanity.

    When Pyresouls released, it was a brutal new virtual reality game with a twist: be the first to beat the game and win billions of dollars. But after the Burgon Beast couldn’t be defeated, Pyresouls turned very real and unleashed an apocalypse of undead, monsters, and a System of levels and stats onto the world.

    For many years since, Jacob Windsor has fought with sword and shield to survive Post-Collapse Earth where only ancient, Guilt-soaked weaponry can harm the monsters from Pyresouls.

    While defending his bunker with some of the last refugees of humanity, yet another friend loses his life to secure one final hope. An enigmatic artifact capable of sending one person through time.

    In a cruel twist of fate, Jacob becomes humanity’s best chance for survival. He takes the plunge into the past of the terrifying, fractured realm of Pyresouls, where every player is out for blood, and the monsters are more vicious than anything on Post-Collapse Earth.

    Armed with knowledge of game mechanics, secret loot and enemy weaknesses, along with well-honed swordsmanship from years of battle, Jacob has every possible advantage against the competition. But the choices he makes have long-reaching ripple effects on the timeline.

    Can Jacob beat the clock while grinding out Levels and manage to avert the apocalypse, or will his every action darken the timeline even further?

    From the #1 Bestseller author of Beastborne Chronicles comes the first book of a new grimdark litRPG / progression fantasy series. This post-apocalyptic gamelit includes battle, leveling and gear enhancing mechanics inspired by the Dark Souls games.

    Start your time travel dark litRPG adventure today!
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