[9/25/19] Monsters, Maces and Magic: Fairyed

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    Hey Folks,

    Fairyed is now available! See Link below the Cover for where you can obtain your copy :)


    Back of the Book Description:

    Never deal with a leprechaun.

    Finding a pot of unclaimed gold just doesn’t come without a price in the Monsters, Maces and Magic RPG world. Stephi discovers this the hard way while tangling with a mean-spirited leprechaun.

    With Stephi, now transmorphed into a fairy, the party must do the leprechaun’s bidding. Otherwise, Stephi will remain a diminutive fairy with no hope of returning to her former elf self. But leprechauns aren’t known for their straight dealing. Neither is Higslaff, a manipulative pawnshop owner who possesses what the leprechaun desires.

    Glenn, Kirby, Stephi, Ron and Derek—RPG players trapped in the game world as their characters—set off on a mission to Riven Rock, a city rife with cruelty and corruption. There they must inflict retribution for an attack against the pawnshop owner. Danger and deceit threaten the party at every turn. Can they avoid getting caught up in the brewing war between rival thieves’ guilds? Will they survive the journey, and the perils of Riven Rock? As low-rank characters, it’ll take all the skill, cunning and luck the party can muster. And that might not be enough.


    Link: Where Fairyed Can be Found and Ordered

    Note: If you pick up the print edition through Amazon first, you can obtain the Kindle version for free.
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