[9/29/2020] Twilight of Midgard: Part 1

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    Twilight of Midgard


    This is my debut novel, Twilight of Midgard, a LitRPG adventure-mystery with a cast of normal friends in extraordinary circumstances.

    Somewhere between the glitched logout, the illegible devnote, and the missing teammates, Roland decided he needed a nap.

    At the height of Twilight III, the team was a five-man avalanche of brutal violence, a squad of peerless gankers and griefers. They were the Greatest Villians of the Nine Realms.

    This is the story of the sequel.

    Twilight of Midgard IV has just dropped, and Roland and his team are about to hit the first level cap.

    This team of veterans and friends will face their greatest challenge yet, wrestling their useless early game builds into something functional while guiding a noob down the path of min-maxing and gitting gud.

    But, when the squad receives a mysterious note, they learn that not everything in Twilight IV is as it seems. No longer all fun and games, can an online friendship last when the stakes become real?

    Twilight of Midgard is a fast-paced LitRPG adventure that isn't just grimdark, romance, and stat blocks. It's a story of real friends, real danger, and real mystery. The story takes place in a VR game setting, but is pretty light on stat blocks. Plenty of min-maxing though. No harem or romance elements. Just bro-ship and glorious violence.

    Some adult language suitable for teen audiences.

    Please Read and Review, this is my first book so I'd appreciate some love! (And money) (And educating Kindle's algorithms on my target demographics)

    Twilight of Midgard
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