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    I released a gamelit scifi/ fantasy called Glimmer, A Throne of Souls (Convergence Book 1) a few months ago and I’ll admit I haven’t been able to properly market it. I’ve had about 600 downloads since release but only one review.

    I also have Glimmer available on kindle unlimited.

    Last month I went to a con and sold over 30 copies and had people emailing me how much they loved it yet still no reviews on Amazon. I don’t feel like I wrote a bad story, what begins with a player stuck in a game becomes much much more fascinating once you find out more.

    So... I’m finishing book 2 as I write this and I’m hoping if anyone here is interested I can give you a FREE kindle copy of book 1 (I will gift to you via email) that can be reviewed (or even let me know their thoughts privately).

    If you enjoy the book I am more than happy to give you an ARC copy of Devour, Moon Fire (Convergence Book 2) as well.

    Hopefully once I have more reviews I’ll be able to promote wide. I love writing in this genre and have no plans to stop. I’ve been working on this series for almost 2 years now and have been writing sci-fi and fantasy since I was little. Writing is my passion and I’m looking forward to not being so shy in the future.


    The year is 2070.
    Darkness Beyond transports players to an alien world called Eda rich with natural resources and dangerous lifeforms. Exciting first-person shooter gameplay combines with resource collection and building mechanics for a truly unique MMO gaming experience.

    Players must scavenge for resources to craft tools, weapons, gems to protect themselves from the vicious alien fauna. Quests and crafting mechanics encourage players to brave the dangers of Darkness Beyond to gain experience to create more powerful items. Crafted gear and implants enhance players’ abilities, but teamwork is key.

    The alpha phase of Darkness Beyond runs on a dedicated server hosting up to 5000 players in a full virtual world. New developments in nerve technology let you feel, smell, and taste the world around you in a totally immersive environment. Beware of danger though because even the pain feels real with death resorting in a level reset to 1. Future releases will support even more players per server with various expansions combining elements from your favorite fantasy, action, and sci-fi games.

    The future is now.
    The future is Darkness Beyond.

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