Children of Zodiarcs (Tactical RPG)

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    Children of Zodiarcs is the new tactical turn-based RPG from Square Enix and indie studio Cardboard Utopia. A sublime mix of storytelling and table top RPGs, Children of Zodiarcs has quickly found a home in the hearts of many RPG fans. We met up with Jason Kim, the Creative Director at Cardboard Utopia, to talk about the game. Read on for insight on how this indie studio is one of the leading reasons behind the revival of the tactical RPG.

    For those who haven’t been initiated, can you give an idea of what Children of Zodiarcs is all about?

    Children of Zodiarcs is a story-driven, deck & dice tactical RPG: it blends the traditional turn-based gameplay of tactical RPGs and combines it with collectible cards and craftable dice to infuse it with tension, anticipation, and excitement. In CoZ, cards are your abilities, your spells, and your attacks. After playing a card, dice rolling (and re-rolling) allows you to optimize its effect or get extra bonuses, like additional cards, hp, an extra action, or trigger special effects on cards. Outside of combat, deck building, dice equipping, and dice crafting will make sure you bring into battle the tools you need to make the most of each party member and to match your own play style.


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