Did this bother anyone else? Kings Game Spoilers

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    I’m probably one of the few who actually enjoyed the King’s Game anime, manga and novels but I had one problem with it that’s holding me back from rewatching. The one scene with Chiemi and Naoya. It just bothers me. Earlier in Chiemi asks Nobuaki what they’d do if they had to hook up, showing she is unsure about, in the manga you even see she turns him down to actually doing it. Then she does it with Naoya so easily, and still never does anything with Nobuaki afterwords. Her apology is even kind of bad, basically saying if she didn’t love him it would of been easy. This scene was just done in a way that cheapens their relationship and puts Chiemi in kind of a negative light. I still like them as a couple and her character but this scene just makes it a hard watch for me. So I was wondering for the people that did like this, how did you feel about that scene? Or how did you view to scene and not have it bother you?

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