Fictorum (Action RPG)

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    Fictorum is labeled as an action RPG featuring destructible environments, with a procedural node-based world map and dynamic magic shaping. Quite a few things are thrown together in one game, yes? So that begs the question did they all meld together well to make a good game? Let’s delve into the game and find out. This is our Fictorum review.

    First, we’ll touch on the map and the story. During the map phase of the game, you pick from linked areas and go from there, continuing onward towards the end all the while staying ahead of the inquisition or picking a particular area for a shop option. It very much has an FTL vibe. After you pick your new travel point you are greeted with a scroll which adds bits and pieces to the whole story. The story begins with you being the last of an ancient mage order called the Fictorum (the rest of your Order having been wiped out by The Inquisition). While I appreciated the little bits of story added here and there in this manner, I would have liked a cutscene or two along the way to help push for more emotional connection to your character or the people around you. I understood what they were trying to do with using this map traveling style, it feels like it could have been used better or perhaps had more polish to it.

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