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    1. Seems like the Ogre God was sent as a "sheep" to be sheered by our MC. So a pretty sweet manipulation, not sure how much of a danger it will be without followers and really fucked up as a sphere of energy.. but considering 10 day random time period ends his rebirth should be strongly hindered if not completelly closed off. Also Any other unfriendly god could try to consume it. He might even need to give his info for free not to be consumed, other Gods might have strong supporters too.
    2. Why make the Ogre god stronger if its being sent to the slaughter? Cause he might not reach us alive? Or he was plan B for the 7 chaos Gods.. Still they gave us too many gifts as it was.
    3. Its very strange that the only goal Zero had was to reach the location, tribe literally had no weapons, no plan, if they had time to eat random berries, they had time to make stone weapons, spears, clubs with stone spikes... Also they had no discipline, training, routine exercises.. as lvl 0 guys exercise should have helped to get at least 1 point in some attribute.. limited food is a problem, but they did not even try to hunt anything.
    4. Might have been a bit too ambitious plan to attack the spider God, but a very sweet idea non the less. (If we do that Ogre claims altar first, he was there only 1h later.. wtf)
    5. Altar claiming fiasco was a strange episode, Zero should have though of a plan, and not just yolo 5 God encounter.
    6. Send 20 dudes to do some random exploration in the bridge , sure some will die, but they can leave some writing what path they took, and most likely at least some of them will new continents and give us another bonus..
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    1) He is a small fry, but he is in a pantheon. I don't think he has much to fear, its too early in the game to start a big war between pantheons and lone gods would probably not be willing to mess with him.

    2) Bigger challenge, bigger reward. Plus he was a coward, so if he thought the risk was too great he would just run off.

    3) They had enough food to make it. Breaking off into smaller groups would make for easy pickings for the thousands of other gods wandering around. They were not safe, so unless absolutely necesary, not worth it to hunt. As for the training, does Zero know whether you can raise your stats that way?

    4) Definitely too ambitious, he had an established base - such as it was - and a breeding ability, allowing him to replenish his troops. If he lost or lost too many worshippers achieving victory zero would be screwed.

    5) Not much he could do without prior knowledge.

    6) You could do that.

    I think Zero's main goal needs to be to build up his population as fast as possible using his time advantage, which means securing multiple food supplies and then ploughing any and all faith points he can get into new villagers. Those villagers will in turn provide more faith points allowing him to recruit even more villagers on the next tenthday. By the time the other gods get rolling Zero would have a serious head start, like playing an RTS where one player gets to start recruiting soldiers and peons five minutes before everyone else.

    Multiple food supplies should be multiple food sources
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