Hail Adventurers! I seek ARC Readers for glory and honour!

Discussion in 'Works in Progress' started by Tim Andrews, Jul 3, 2020.

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    Hi all, my first novel, Ninetoes: Part One of the Villain's Chronicle is
    due to be released within just a few weeks and I'm looking for some ARC
    readers. You'd be getting an early copy of the book, free of charge, and
    when the book is released, I'd very much appreciate a review. Below is the story's blurb to whet your appetite.
    If you're interested, please reply to this thread and I'll send you a link. Safe journey and good fortune Adventurers.

    Ninetoes is a wizard, unusually for a hobgoblin, and more unusual still, he’s no longer an NPC.

    The world of Adrenon is a game world and a twist of fate has made Ninetoes an Adventurer. With this new status comes access to power, magic and skills that his kind can rarely attain, but more, it is a chance to grow and become the centre of his own story.

    In his first quest, among the ancient ruins of Kavralach, Ninetoes faces danger and intrigue. Failure will mean the destruction of his home and his people, for whom he now has the potential to become their champion.

    Ninetoes must master the magic system of the game, advance as rapidly as he can, and find friends. For a wizard alone is vulnerable.

    If he can prevail, the hobgoblin Adventurer might someday become the Hero he needs to be.


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