How to read LitRPG like an ARPG designer

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    edwin2017.jpg Today we have a special treat, a guest post by Edwin McRae. You can find out more about this new LitRPG author with a game development background on his author blog. As Edwin puts it, “I’ve been a screenwriter and story designer for over 12 years now. After four years of writing for television, I started with Grinding Gear Games in 2010 and became lead writer on the creative team that took their online RPG, Path of Exile, from 80,000 players to 20 million players. I’ve also worked with numerous Indie game developers, helping them to conceptualize their game worlds, their characters, their player experience, and to write the storylines, dialogue scripts and in-game text that turn those concepts into tangible and enjoyable stories.”

    How to read LitRPG like an ARPG designer
    Writing for an action RPG teaches you a lot of great RPG storytelling basics that can be applied to LitRPG. And once you know of these techniques, they can help you become a more critical reader of LitRPG too.

    I’m Edwin McRae, former lead writer of Path of Exile and author of Warlock: Reign of Blood – A LitRPG Novel. Below I outline three RPG narrative design techniques that you can be watching out for when you read your next LitRPG novel. NPC design, Story Glyphs and Boss fight buildup. Let’s start in with those NPCs.

    NPCs Are People Too!


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    How to read LitRPG like an ARPG designer | LitRPG Reads

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