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    Zar is an adept of earth it seems. I was sure he was a master :(

    three village Mages were also present: Sumiko, Zarr and Quasea.

    Kong, Aleron. The Land: Predators: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 7) (Kindle Locations 22617-22618). Tamori Publications, LLC. Kindle Edition.

    Randolphus isn't a mage he is a rogue with a spy specialisation. An adept like Zarr is going to be more useful due to his profession. Besides, this ignores the fact that Randolphus

    Isn't in the military, he signed up for a civilian role. Putting him on the frontlines against his stated desires is a douchebag move that would effectively unmask him before the village as a dangerous half-undine, something he was driven out of his home for. Which means that shit might well get really ugly and personal.

    Not only that, it would put him and the village at risk. Yves has to be looking for him after he escaped that little trap they had him in, staying obscure keeps them from taking an interest in the village over him (leading to them realising the extent of village resources. 3 cores are worth moving a small army over) or using his presence to justify a war.

    Besides, killing undead isn't the goal here, destroying the statue at minimal cost is. In the cold calculations of war the village can replace the entire raid party easier than they could Randolphus or Zarr, adepts and masters are very rare, and unlike personal level its difficult to powerlevel them. There is a reason the Zarr stays close to the entrance portal.
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