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    Hi. I hope I am not breaking any rules by doing this (I don't think so).

    I am a new author and would love to have you as one of my beta readers. The manuscript is about 600 pages and is broken down into 3 volumes. I can provide chunks of the story to you in intervals. The work has been through numerous rounds of editing and should be an easy read.

    Here is the blurb (book description):

    A secret deal that could change the course of history.

    US Senator and presumptive presidential nominee, Will Harris, disappears after stealthily transporting to a forbidden MMORPG game world.

    Damon Williams, a grizzled marine commander, leads a group of rescuers into an unforgiving world where pain is real and death is permanent.

    The Epiphany Realms are infested with terrifying monsters, so the ten strangers must adapt quickly, trust each other, and fight to survive.

    Join Damon and the other recruits as they race against time to prevent the realm’s disintegration and mutation effects.

    Will they find the senator and race back to civilization before they mutate?

    Resurrection is the first book in The Epiphany Realms series of GameLit/LitRPG novels. It is loaded with Easter eggs that reference video games and pop-culture.

    Note: This story contains coarse language, sexual scenes (no harem), and realistic violence.

    You can find even more info at my website:

    Author DMH – LitRPG/GameLit & Fantasy Books

    I hope this interests you. You can reach me at davidhabba@gmail.com. Thanks J

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