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    Okay, yes, I'll be the first to admit that I am a Gundam nerd. In fact, one of my first long stories was actually a Gundam fanfic written a number of years ago (I tried to remove its presence from the internet all this time since).

    Well, in any case, allow me to share this video that redoes the ending theme from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (even if the original is nothing to laugh at, either, but I only just found the redone theme today). Video incoming:

    Now, to pose a few questions for the rest of you. Keep in mind, I'll provide my answers at after the questions are posed.
    1. What was your exposure to the Gundam franchise?
    2. What is your favorite part of the franchise as a whole?
    3. If you have a favorite character from the franchise, irregardless of side of the conflict in said character's series, who is it and why? You are allowed to have more than one favorite at the top spot for this answer.
    4. What is your favorite Mobile Weapon from the franchise and why? This can be a mook Mobile Suit, an advanced prototype Mobile Suit (like the Gundam), or even a Mobile Armor (the non-Fighter Plane Mobile Weapons that are shaped rather oddly compared to the humanoid Mobile Suit).
    5. Finally, what would you like to see in a future Gundam series that might air in the indeterminate future?
    Alright, here's my list of answers, just to give you all some idea about me.
    1. Episode 2 of Mobile Fighter G-Gundam (it had begun airing on Toonami the week before, at least on the child-friendly side of the time slots, and I missed episode 1).
    2. The intricate plots of the shows (for the most part... there are some glaring exceptions out there).
    3. Kira Yamato (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny) and Heero Yuy (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing/Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz). Both of them are, at their core, kind and gentle people who had gotten dragged into their respective conflicts one way or another (Kira was a civilian who wanted to live in peace on the neutral space colony of Heliopolis, Heero was the son of an ex-assassin who worked initially for Heero's enemies). Both of them were given powerful Mobile Suits after traumatic experiences (Kira received the Freedom Gundam before saving his friends from a dangerous self-destruct system at the base they were to die defending, Heero got chosen to pilot the Wing Gundam long before he got in it... but he accidentally got a little girl and her pet dog killed within a year before the events of Gundam Wing, or so Endless Waltz explains it)... the list goes on and on.
    4. The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Unit 1, simply because of how it looked Beyond The Time (okay, bad joke, but it's only a joke because it's true). Plus, it's more or less responsible for the discontinuation of Psycommu technology.
    5. Personally? I want to see what AGE failed to deliver properly... actual aliens in the Gundam timeline.
    Anything else you guys want to share in this thread?

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