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  1. Johan

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    I think the Dungeon is a great place to have people fall back to, if attackers are not spewing from it (shared entrance room with all entrances). An unlimited number of teams can go inside the Dungeon proper at seperated instances. Those teams just need to follow their noise to the small of eggs and bacon!
  2. PokemonThug

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    How could MV notice bugbear attack?
    • Alma scouting
    • Seance surroundings spell, meditate and release magical strings from you're core around as far as possible.
    • Hunting parties seeing bugbear tracks?!
    • Use cold rational thinking by assuming that kindr will spill the mist potion secret to everyone they meet.. and attack the bugbear camp with idea to poison/steal their food.
    We have captured a bugbear captain like 3 months ago, we know where bugbear camp is. From casting charm on him that is and questioning him.. WTf Richto just walked away at that point... still yoshi should know.
    So we should send scouts to see whats up with the camp, and plan a raid on them just in case.. Randy should be super successful. Why we did not take him to say hi to the litch?!
    It would be a real rational response to finish the wall first and investigate if kindr have delivered the see in the mist potion to the bugbears..

    Though I'd probably without any knowledge about the upcoming attack would perhaps focus on finishing like 5 basic buildings:
    marketplace, wizzards tower, summoners circle, mana tower, Crafters hut... the wall maybe..

    We will have a lot of high level beasts in the area soon, and most of you seem to forget that bugbears need potion/saw to see in the Mists.
    And they don't have a dragons cauldron also 10 miles is a lot of area.. to search.. and takes time.
    Now waking in a forest should take you at least 1mile/15 minutes. So until you would reach the MV you will need to walk for 10-15 =150 min => 2.5 hours.. maybe they will run out of the sav..
    But then how the f*** did kindr simply live in the mists?! Or do they live outside of them.
    The potion will be needed by the entire army, so a lot of it. And the longer they stay in the mists the more they risk of running out of potion.. and being cut off, surrounded.
    What if they are attacked by some beast, they are delayed, might run out of the potion..

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