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Discussion in 'Works in Progress' started by Yuli Ban, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I've put Lady Wukong vs. The World on hiatus by accident via nasty procrastination, but that one is still going on. I've reread the entirety of Journey to the West and the original Dragon Ball to get my head into it. On top of that, I've been watching cheesy martial arts and wuxia movies with increasingly esoteric names like Legend of the Liquid Sword, The Butterfly Murders, Zu: Warriors From the Magic Mountain, and Child of Peach— which features an actual goddammned mecha-peach and I'm not joshing with you.
    So I'll continue to do the 500-to-1,000 word short chapters when I feel like it.

    Besides that, I've also got a few others.
    One's concept is simple and will probably be a shorter story, such as a novella: it's some players of a quasi-MMO (more like GTA Online) who have reached the endgame and now do nothing more than enjoy the scenery and fool around. Which is basically what I do in GTA 5 nowadays.

    Another is set in that same gameworld and involves someone playing through the story and also messing around in the open world. This is based on an idea/daydream I've been having, combining the likes of Just Cause, Saints Row, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

    And then there's Rage of Angels, which I'm going to power through eventually.

    Of all these, it's the second one I'm most excited to write. It's essentially my "perfect open-world game" idea in narrative form, the kind of game I desperately want to play but the tech just doesn't exist for yet.

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