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    Novembers aren't a great month for me creativity wise, as there is a lot of pressure to perform on Nano, when Nano just isn't one of my interests.

    Started on a new project, a temporary title of An Indefinite Serial. I'll have to see how this one turns out, as it's the first work to be written that is explicitly trying to be GameLit, rather than having GameLit as one of many different elements in my work.

    For example, Uploaded Fairy and Different Colors Of Bow were not intended to be GameLit, they just slowly became more and more like GameLit, that I couldn't reasonably categorize them as anything else.

    I'm also coming into this with a different mindset, as I'm not trying for a specific length, and most likely I'm going to keep writing it as long as I can without any specific word count length in mind. I used to say 30,000, but then I would end up with 23,000 words. I always seem to end up with less words than what I originally set out to write.

    Certain game world rules will likely carry over, the main one being: Whatever happens to you in game, also effects your life in real life. If you kill someone in game, they also die in real life, in extreme cases. It's a particular quirk about the particular game the MC found. Like Permanent Death from hell.

    It's one of the aspects of Cyberpunk fiction I actually loved. A main character who acts like an anarchist in game, can see themselves lose old friends and gain new ones in real life. Thus they must adapt to living in both worlds. In this respect, it's polar opposite to No Logout.'

    I also plan on showing the MC's real life as well, and how her politics she develops in real life, also come to effect how she plays the game.

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