WIP So what is next? Thousand Years War - Heroes or Duke it out in DC Expansion Pack...

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    These are my upcoming works in progress that I will be busy on in the upcoming months! Big things coming.

    To be or not to be, that is the question. Well, not really it's more like, what will I do next, this or that? The question comes on the heels of my newest book coming out, which is the expansion pack for The Thousand Years War: Book One. With this first one being so successful, I think the series deserves another expansion pack or in my heart two more or maybe even three. Right now I have two ideas, the first is the more likely idea. The first has our four heroes heading to a trip to Washington D.C. as they have won a trip to see the president of the United States. However, the gloobas are bent on revenge once again as they use the virtual world to launch a surprise attack on the White House. They have kidnapped the president and threaten to make a clone of him to control the United States without anybody being the wiser. Can the four save the president and the free world or will the gloobas land their lowest blow yet? Find out as the four head into Washington D.C. as they visit the White House, Smithsonian Museum, Capitol Building, and even a secret government building, what secrets is the government hiding?

    The second idea is a bit unique as it has our heroes split up into factions. The gloobas have taken over NYC once again, but this time their hold on New York is even tighter than Book One. So Angel, Maria, Ben, and Steven are once again put to the test to save the world again. There is a twist though, there is a secret emerald that is worth a fortune but also has earth changing abilities. It has the ability to power a powerful cannon that the gloobas have built in space to destroy Earth and all of mankind. Loyalty will play a huge role in this book as there are three factions with different goals in mind. The heroes(Blue) faction consist of Maria and Angel who's goal is to simply save mother Earth and make sure the emerald doesn't end up in the hands of the alien empire. The Neutral(Orange) faction consist of Ben and Steven who also don't want the emerald to end up in enemy hands, however they really don't intend to give up the crystal to Angel and Maria as they want the emerald for themselves to pawn it for a fools fortune. Finally you have the Dark(Red) faction who are a couple of human turncoats Shadow and Kenneth who have grown tired of society and sided with the gloobas. Their reasons might be deeper than what our heroes might even comprehend. Their mission is to make sure they deliver the emerald to the gloobas to powerup the death ray, can our heroes get these guys to have a change of heart and which faction will come out winning, if any...

    So there you have it, a couple of ideas that will both get done, question is, which one? Im thinking Duke it out in DC will be the expansion for book 2 and Heroes will be the expansion for book 3. However, I might have the fans(you) vote on the idea at a later time, more likely after Life's a Beach has launched. Leave me a comment and give me your thoughts... Also preorder your copy of Life's a Beach today as well! On Amazon, click here!

    See you later and stay cool!

    P.S. - Both books will be LitFPS/LitRPG/Gamelit as it's become my favorite to write!
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    Either way, good luck!
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