Why We Are Building Ember Sword

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    We’re building Ember Sword because we believe blockchain is changing the games industry for good, allowing us to put an end to lootboxes and predatory pay-to-win monetization.

    We believe in empowering artists to monetize their work, we believe in true ownership over digital items, and we believe in a persistent decentralized digital universe built by the players, with ultimate freedom and no borders.

    And above all, we know that a great MMORPG starts with an excited community finally in control!

    Ember Sword Genesis Story Part 1: Ownership and Item Trading
    The first time I got scammed in an MMORPG was in 2007 when I attempted to buy a cosmetic avatar from another player. The price was low, suspiciously low, but it was late at night and I had been looking for that exact item for some time.

    I ask about the low price. The seller tells me he received the item for free from a friend who no longer plays and that he is simply looking to make a quick fiat profit before quitting the game too. I believe him.

    The seller is adamant that I send the money before receiving the avatar. Something doesn’t feel right, but I really want the avatar and I’ve spent considerable time talking to the seller already. So I make the transfer, and *puff*! Just like that, the seller logs off — never to be seen again.

    I lost $35 that night and never told anyone because of how foolish I felt!

    Wouldn’t it be great if the seller had truly owned the avatar he was trying to sell so that I had been able to buy the cosmetic through an in-game marketplace that was secure for both parties, allowed the seller to transfer the currency received outside of the game, and yet didn’t enable pay-to-win?

    That’s why we’re building with Ember Sword.


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