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Feb 9, 2020
May 17, 2017

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Benji Bigelow

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Feb 9, 2020
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    1. 20-Sided Die 20-Sided Die

      20-Sided Die

      Mar 30, 2018, Items
      This magic 20-sided die signifies that you're currently roleplaying and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Can be turned on and off. Does not expire.
    2. AOL 6.0 CD AOL 6.0 CD

      AOL 6.0 CD

      May 22, 2017, Software
      The decryption code buried within the front-end software for America's first experience with a corporate owned internet will allow you entrance into a hidden sub-forum at LitRPG Forum.. Only rumors exist of The Metaverse, but you're sure this is the way deeper into the website. You count out the gold, hoping it's not a pirated or cursed version. There's this Dwarven Axe everyone keeps warning you about. It's only twenty gold. What could go wrong?
    3. Dwarven Axe (Cursed) Dwarven Axe (Cursed)

      Dwarven Axe (Cursed)

      May 21, 2017, Weapons
      This is a finely crafted instrument of mass death. Shop Owner Jason has quite a few of them laying around. For the right amount of money, he may sell one. Permanently increase your steal chance by 1%. Does not expire. The stock doesn't replenish on this item. Get it while you can. If you can?
    4. Epic Paintbrush Epic Paintbrush

      Epic Paintbrush

      May 18, 2017, Items
      A paintbrush that produces artwork from the covers of Epic, Saga and Edda. Purchase it and find the right forum to use it...
    5. Orb of Scrying into Edda Orb of Scrying into Edda

      Orb of Scrying into Edda

      May 18, 2017, Items
      A crystal ball that looks into the world of Edda. Find the forum to use it...
    6. Eyes of Seeing Eyes of Seeing

      Eyes of Seeing

      May 18, 2017, Items
      A pair of magical lenses that allow you to see into the world of Epic.

      Specifically, you will be granted access to the "Conor Kostick: The Siege of Mettleburg Offer" forum in the Hall of Heroes. There you will receive special instructions for accessing your free copy of the book.