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    1. Wizard Hat Wizard Hat

      Wizard Hat

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      This generic wizard hat is mass produced, but the quality is nice and the price can't be beat. This will change your User Title Style. You can turn it on and off.
    2. AOL 6.0 CD AOL 6.0 CD

      AOL 6.0 CD

      Jun 21, 2017, Software
      The decryption code buried within the front-end software for America's first experience with a corporate owned internet will allow you entrance into a hidden sub-forum at LitRPG Forum.. Only rumors exist of The Metaverse, but you're sure this is the way deeper into the website. You count out the gold, hoping it's not a pirated or cursed version. There's this Dwarven Axe everyone keeps warning you about. It's only twenty gold. What could go wrong?
    3. Old Mac Old Mac

      Old Mac

      Jun 21, 2017, Computers
      As you bend over and peer at the screen, you wonder if the machine even works. Then you notice the familiar retro feel of the cleverly crafted hardware. (Quest: We clipped the mouse out of the photo because of where the tech came from originally. And because we needed a square image. Gold to anyone who goes to the Thieves Guild and starts a thread naming the source of the mouse technology we all use today. Well, sometimes, before we moved to our thumbs/fingers to communicate on mobile devices. Anyway, this grants access to the [Unofficial] Mac User Group in The Metaverse. It's a place for all things Apple. Enjoy your vintage Mac! (NOTE: Must also own an AOL 6.0 CD)
    4. Zork I Zork I

      Zork I

      Jun 21, 2017, Software
      You’re on the threshold of a whole new experience, for ahead of you is the extraordinary world of the Great Underground Empire. Once you step through the door to Zork, you leave the world of arcade games and trite fantasies behind and enter the dimension of your imagination. Every plot, every puzzle, every personality has been honed and perfected to make your experience uniquely realistic and involving.
    5. Long Scarf Long Scarf

      Long Scarf

      Jun 21, 2017, Clothes
      Attached to this long scarf, hidden from view except from the careful eye, you spy a key to the Tardis. Seeking adventures through time and space, you offer to buy the Fourth Doctor's scarf for a measly 50 gold. To your utter surprise, he agrees, taking it off and tossing it in your direction. (Grants access to Inside the Tardis.)
    6. Lich Bitch Beer Lich Bitch Beer

      Lich Bitch Beer

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      A dark beer with the souls of the damned swirling in the frothy drink.

      +2 to Stamina
      +1 to Singing skill
      Disgust Alert to any paladins/clerics within ten feet.
    7. Mimic on the Beach Mimic on the Beach

      Mimic on the Beach

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      A mixed drink that can be any drink you wish.

      +3 Stamina
      +5 to Singing Skill
      +2 Libido
      -1 to Speech
    8. Beholder Brew Beholder Brew

      Beholder Brew

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      A kaleidoscope of effects for those needing a break from reality. Please roll a 1d10 after you take a sip for effect or one will be chosen for you.

      1- Sing like a fallen angel +3
      2- Turn into a frog, -5 to the ladies, +5 to the gents
      3- Staff of Morning Wood. Men get +5 to bulge in their pants. Women get +10 and grow one.
      4- Natural Breast Enhancement, +5 for women. +10 for men and they grow a pair.
      5- Disco Light, +4 to Dance skill.
      6- Mustache of Attraction, +5 to attract either sex with you new mustache.
      7- Mer goggles, every one looks like a mermaid, -2 for the fish smell.
      8- Wrath of the Libido- +10 to your sick perversions you animal.
      9- Lips of fortitude, +10 to your Sucking skill.
      10- Wilting Forest- can't get hard, can't get wet, you give up on your dreams and go back to law school.
    9. Broadsword Broadsword


      Jun 21, 2017, Weapons
      This basic broadsword will turn your postbit #F0C368.
    10. Gem of Flirting Gem of Flirting

      Gem of Flirting

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      A small jewel to woo peasants who have never seen something sparkle
    11. Werewolf fur Werewolf fur

      Werewolf fur

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      Great for rituals and potions! Top quality Only! (Origin: Lupus Commonus)
    12. Necklace of DrOgan ToUth Necklace of DrOgan ToUth

      Necklace of DrOgan ToUth

      Jun 21, 2017, Armor
      Because sometimes you need to show off but you are poor and weak (Made in goblintown)
    13. Double, double toil and trouble Double, double toil and trouble

      Double, double toil and trouble

      Jun 21, 2017, Scrolls
      Best starting pack for witches in the land (includes a free eye of Newt) is on sale today only!
    14. A Purple Bimbleflort A Purple Bimbleflort

      A Purple Bimbleflort

      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      You reckon you can figure out what this bad boy does? Cause I certainly can't... Looks kinda like a... I don't know, every time I look at it I forget what it was I was doing. One of a kind... I assume.
    15. Torch Torch


      Jun 21, 2017, Items
      A nifty torch that allows you access into the "Deep, Dark Cave" forum!
    16. Sword of Sands Sword of Sands

      Sword of Sands

      Jun 21, 2017, Weapons
      Featured in Human, Tower of Gates Book Two, this weapon grants you access to the Paul Bellow Guild.