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Aug 8, 2023
Jun 13, 2023

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Level 6 (Footpad)

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Aug 8, 2023
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    1. Rubber Kraken Rubber Kraken

      Rubber Kraken

      Jun 14, 2023, Items
      Dear captain, you ship was sunk by a terror of the see? Here, look at that rubber kraken! comes with spike and a free harpoon to show it who is the king of the sea!
    2. Hashi's Chopper Hashi's Chopper

      Hashi's Chopper

      Jun 14, 2023, Weapons
      This fine blade will turn your postbit this color --> #FAF1DE
    3. Long Scarf Long Scarf

      Long Scarf

      Jun 14, 2023, Clothes
      Attached to this long scarf, hidden from view except from the careful eye, you spy a key to the Tardis. Seeking adventures through time and space, you offer to buy the Fourth Doctor's scarf for a measly 50 gold. To your utter surprise, he agrees, taking it off and tossing it in your direction. (Grants access to Inside the Tardis.)
    4. Wizard Hat Wizard Hat

      Wizard Hat

      Jun 14, 2023, Items
      This generic wizard hat is mass produced, but the quality is nice and the price can't be beat. This will change your User Title Style. You can turn it on and off.
    5. Acutus Acutus


      Jun 13, 2023, Weapons
      The unique blade that cuts through atoms. As featured in 'The Siege of Mettleburg'

      (Gives xp if you own it long enough.)