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    1. Wizard Hat Wizard Hat

      Wizard Hat

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      This generic wizard hat is mass produced, but the quality is nice and the price can't be beat. This will change your User Title Style. You can turn it on and off.
    2. Blue Metal Mace Blue Metal Mace

      Blue Metal Mace

      Jul 21, 2017, Weapons
      Rock on, Bill and Ted! Only a few of these rare, magical maces exist, so grab one before they're gone. It will permanently increase you steal chance by 1%.
    3. Writer's Robe of Optimism Writer's Robe of Optimism

      Writer's Robe of Optimism

      Jul 21, 2017, Clothes
      This awesome robe is made of the nicest softest bastet fur. Once you put it on, you gain the ability to write. And write you will if nothing else than a bad check because of the optimism that this Robe will bring you. +10 to optimism.

      Downside, it's so soft, it's almost impossible to take off. You'll have to spend some willpower to take it off to shower. On the other hand, you are a writer. You only need to do that once every two weeks after you've cut your grass.
    4. Zork I Zork I

      Zork I

      Jul 21, 2017, Software
      You’re on the threshold of a whole new experience, for ahead of you is the extraordinary world of the Great Underground Empire. Once you step through the door to Zork, you leave the world of arcade games and trite fantasies behind and enter the dimension of your imagination. Every plot, every puzzle, every personality has been honed and perfected to make your experience uniquely realistic and involving.
    5. Hashi's Chopper Hashi's Chopper

      Hashi's Chopper

      Jul 21, 2017, Weapons
      This fine blade will turn your postbit this color --> #FAF1DE
    6. A scrap of paper A scrap of paper

      A scrap of paper

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      Four numbers separated by periods (written in crayon)
      Grants access to the Doktor Urmind's Hacker Chat forum.
    7. Armored Duster Armored Duster

      Armored Duster

      Jul 21, 2017, Armor
      A full-length Leather Duster with kevlar lining. It can be fitted with armored plates.
    8. Lich Bitch Beer Lich Bitch Beer

      Lich Bitch Beer

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A dark beer with the souls of the damned swirling in the frothy drink.

      +2 to Stamina
      +1 to Singing skill
      Disgust Alert to any paladins/clerics within ten feet.
    9. Mimic on the Beach Mimic on the Beach

      Mimic on the Beach

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A mixed drink that can be any drink you wish.

      +3 Stamina
      +5 to Singing Skill
      +2 Libido
      -1 to Speech
    10. Beholder Brew Beholder Brew

      Beholder Brew

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A kaleidoscope of effects for those needing a break from reality. Please roll a 1d10 after you take a sip for effect or one will be chosen for you.

      1- Sing like a fallen angel +3
      2- Turn into a frog, -5 to the ladies, +5 to the gents
      3- Staff of Morning Wood. Men get +5 to bulge in their pants. Women get +10 and grow one.
      4- Natural Breast Enhancement, +5 for women. +10 for men and they grow a pair.
      5- Disco Light, +4 to Dance skill.
      6- Mustache of Attraction, +5 to attract either sex with you new mustache.
      7- Mer goggles, every one looks like a mermaid, -2 for the fish smell.
      8- Wrath of the Libido- +10 to your sick perversions you animal.
      9- Lips of fortitude, +10 to your Sucking skill.
      10- Wilting Forest- can't get hard, can't get wet, you give up on your dreams and go back to law school.
    11. Acutus Acutus


      Jul 21, 2017, Weapons
      The unique blade that cuts through atoms. As featured in 'The Siege of Mettleburg'

      (Gives xp if you own it long enough.)
    12. Eyes of Seeing Eyes of Seeing

      Eyes of Seeing

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A pair of magical lenses that allow you to see into the world of Epic.

      Specifically, you will be granted access to the "Conor Kostick: The Siege of Mettleburg Offer" forum in the Hall of Heroes. There you will receive special instructions for accessing your free copy of the book.
    13. Orb of Scrying into Edda Orb of Scrying into Edda

      Orb of Scrying into Edda

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A crystal ball that looks into the world of Edda. Find the forum to use it...
    14. Epic Paintbrush Epic Paintbrush

      Epic Paintbrush

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A paintbrush that produces artwork from the covers of Epic, Saga and Edda. Purchase it and find the right forum to use it...
    15. Quill of Naming Quill of Naming

      Quill of Naming

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A magical quill and ink set. As you touch it to parchment, the quill stirs in your hand and you are struck with inspiration. You can bring a character to life.

      [Buying the quill opens a box for you to name a character in Conor Kostick's current work-in-progress: fantasy names are more likely to work for major characters].
    16. Robe of the Writer Robe of the Writer

      Robe of the Writer

      Jul 21, 2017, Clothes
      Protects (somehow, magically) the writer from barbs hurled by readers or other authors. (Changes your postbit to green - #96E87A) Must be an Aspiring Writer or LitRPG Author.
    17. Boots of the Sneak Boots of the Sneak

      Boots of the Sneak

      Jul 21, 2017, Clothes
      These stylish boots point out the fact you're involved in thievery, but you don't care because of the permanent +2% steal chance. Only so many pairs are available at a time.
    18. Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly Tattoo

      Butterfly Tattoo

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      In the back of the shop, @Felicity Weiss employs a halfling tattoo artist named Carnie who will carve an intricate design into your arm. She only does one tat which kinda looks like a butterfly-creature-thing.
      This will change your postbit to #D67AFB.
    19. Long Scarf Long Scarf

      Long Scarf

      Jul 21, 2017, Clothes
      Attached to this long scarf, hidden from view except from the careful eye, you spy a key to the Tardis. Seeking adventures through time and space, you offer to buy the Fourth Doctor's scarf for a measly 50 gold. To your utter surprise, he agrees, taking it off and tossing it in your direction. (Grants access to Inside the Tardis.)
    20. 20-Sided Die 20-Sided Die

      20-Sided Die

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      This magic 20-sided die signifies that you're currently roleplaying and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Can be turned on and off. Does not expire.
    21. Discarded Newspaper Discarded Newspaper

      Discarded Newspaper

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      Are you a news junkie? Information hound? Want to know the whole story? This old school newspaper will open up The Newsroom here at LitRPG Forum, for people wanting a possibly edited and easily digested summary of the week's news? Or a faster pace? With this newspaper, you can join other like-minded individuals and help shape something special.
    22. Cloak of Beauty Cloak of Beauty

      Cloak of Beauty

      Jul 21, 2017, Armor
      This cool black cloak will make you the envy of all your peers. (Adjusts your Username Style!)
    23. Beta Blade Beta Blade

      Beta Blade

      Jul 21, 2017, Weapons
      The hilt looks like an eye on this blade because as a beta reader, your eagle eyes are highly valued. Buy this item to let authors and others know you're up for beta reading something until it moves no more. (Adds you to the group Beta Reader. You will get a badge.)
    24. Bong Bong


      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      Will grant you access to Digital Colorado in the Metaverse.
    25. Book of LitRPG Book of LitRPG

      Book of LitRPG

      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      This tome of some of the best LitRPG was hand written by a team of monks in an undisclosed location. You willingly pay any amount of gold to get your hands on one of the limited edition copies. The monks were not paid for their services, and they rebelled, forming a guild. Might they offer their services as hirelings through the Dojo in the future? Possible. Other NPC character may appear too. (+50 xp for owning this item long enough.)
    26. Torch Torch


      Jul 21, 2017, Items
      A nifty torch that allows you access into the "Deep, Dark Cave" forum!
    27. Used Typewriter Used Typewriter

      Used Typewriter

      Jul 17, 2017, Items
      This ancient machine will allow you entry into the Aspiring Writer Guild!
    28. Aspiring Writer Badge Aspiring Writer Badge

      Aspiring Writer Badge

      Jul 17, 2017, Items
      This will add the "Aspiring Writer" badge to your profile in the forums.