R. M. Mulder
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Jun 1, 2019
May 24, 2017

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R. M. Mulder

Level 11 (Thief), Male

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Jun 1, 2019
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    Author of the DarkForce: A GameLit Saga
    Website: http://www.RMMulder.com
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    1. Torch Torch


      Jun 6, 2017, Items
      A nifty torch that allows you access into the "Deep, Dark Cave" forum!
    2. Old Mac Old Mac

      Old Mac

      May 29, 2017, Computers
      As you bend over and peer at the screen, you wonder if the machine even works. Then you notice the familiar retro feel of the cleverly crafted hardware. (Quest: We clipped the mouse out of the photo because of where the tech came from originally. And because we needed a square image. Gold to anyone who goes to the Thieves Guild and starts a thread naming the source of the mouse technology we all use today. Well, sometimes, before we moved to our thumbs/fingers to communicate on mobile devices. Anyway, this grants access to the [Unofficial] Mac User Group in The Metaverse. It's a place for all things Apple. Enjoy your vintage Mac! (NOTE: Must also own an AOL 6.0 CD)
    3. Cloak of Beauty Cloak of Beauty

      Cloak of Beauty

      May 29, 2017, Armor
      This cool black cloak will make you the envy of all your peers. (Adjusts your Username Style!)
    4. 20-Sided Die 20-Sided Die

      20-Sided Die

      May 29, 2017, Items
      This magic 20-sided die signifies that you're currently roleplaying and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Can be turned on and off. Does not expire.
    5. Discarded Newspaper Discarded Newspaper

      Discarded Newspaper

      May 29, 2017, Items
      Are you a news junkie? Information hound? Want to know the whole story? This old school newspaper will open up The Newsroom here at LitRPG Forum, for people wanting a possibly edited and easily digested summary of the week's news? Or a faster pace? With this newspaper, you can join other like-minded individuals and help shape something special.
    6. Blue Metal Mace Blue Metal Mace

      Blue Metal Mace

      May 29, 2017, Weapons
      Rock on, Bill and Ted! Only a few of these rare, magical maces exist, so grab one before they're gone. It will permanently increase you steal chance by 1%.