May 12, 2017

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Level 9 (Burgler)

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    1. Old Mac Old Mac

      Old Mac

      May 23, 2017, Computers
      As you bend over and peer at the screen, you wonder if the machine even works. Then you notice the familiar retro feel of the cleverly crafted hardware. (Quest: We clipped the mouse out of the photo because of where the tech came from originally. And because we needed a square image. Gold to anyone who goes to the Thieves Guild and starts a thread naming the source of the mouse technology we all use today. Well, sometimes, before we moved to our thumbs/fingers to communicate on mobile devices. Anyway, this grants access to the [Unofficial] Mac User Group in The Metaverse. It's a place for all things Apple. Enjoy your vintage Mac! (NOTE: Must also own an AOL 6.0 CD)
    2. AOL 6.0 CD AOL 6.0 CD

      AOL 6.0 CD

      May 22, 2017, Software
      Gift received from Paul Bellow
      The decryption code buried within the front-end software for America's first experience with a corporate owned internet will allow you entrance into a hidden sub-forum at LitRPG Forum.. Only rumors exist of The Metaverse, but you're sure this is the way deeper into the website. You count out the gold, hoping it's not a pirated or cursed version. There's this Dwarven Axe everyone keeps warning you about. It's only twenty gold. What could go wrong?
    3. Used Typewriter Used Typewriter

      Used Typewriter

      May 18, 2017, Items
      This ancient machine will allow you entry into the Aspiring Writer Guild!
    4. Dagger of LitRPG Dagger of LitRPG

      Dagger of LitRPG

      May 13, 2017, Weapons
      The blade itself is simple. No decorations of any sorts are on it. That said, only so many of these daggers were forged in a dwarven furnace.