[12.21.2018] Ordinary Hero - A GameLit Sci-Fi Novel

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    My latest novel, Ordinary Hero, is finally available on Amazon in print and ebook format!

    Now, I'm going to be completely honest with you: It's not LitRPG in the strictest sense. However, it certainly contains LitRPG elements, as well as GameLit and even some HaremLit elements.

    Ordinary Hero is a full-length, standalone science fiction novel about an average college student who finds himself in a not-so-average situation. Here's the full blurb:


    Sometimes life IS a game.

    There's nothing out-of-the-ordinary about James Callahan. He's just your average, everyday college student. But when James finds a mysterious scroll on the desk of one of his professors, his life quickly becomes anything but ordinary.

    After a series of strange events, James learns that he's the only one who can defeat Carter Livingston, a powerful gang leader responsible for robbing banks all over the city. With the help of a few beautiful women he befriends, James sets out to put an end to Carter's reign of terror once and for all.

    But does he have what it takes to defeat Carter and his gang?​

    Warning: This book contains adult situations and language. Read at your own risk.

    Ordinary Hero is available on Amazon in print and ebook format.

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