2019 An All Time Year for Anime

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    Last year was probably one of the best years in terms of new quality series and fantastic continuations of long running series. I know this part of the forum isn’t as popular as it once was but I really wanna talk about last years fantastic run.
    My top list from last year
    1. Vinland saga (Amazon Prime)-historical Viking drama with superb characters and one of the best Deuteragonists in Askelad and some of the most crisp and beautiful animations in the top 10
    2. Mob Psycho 100. Season 2 studio bones pulls out all the stops with some of the most visually stunning and colorful fights with a great cast. ONE (mangaka) continues to create some of the best characters in seemingly joke series like Mob and One punch man
    3. Demon Slayer KNY. Solid Shonen but the fights are S tier. Episode 19 trended worldwide because of this garnering the rabid fan base of the pro streamer Ninja who tweeted it was his favorite of all time turning it into a worldwide phenomena.
    4. Shield hero(Isekai) great isekai is great. Good to great animation, great story, guy trapped in another world and is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, has to do some immoral things to survive.
    5. Fire Force. From the same guy who made Soul eater anime about fighting fire with Fire. Great fights animation and music.
    6. One Piece favorite series of all time new studios are flexing their muscles with the Katukuri fight and now Wano.
    7. OverlyCautious hero isekai hilarious op protagonist who takes no chances using the most overpowered attacks to overkill even the weakest of slimes.
    8. Isekai quartet. If you like Overlord, KonoSuba, re/zero, Tanya the evil and the idea of them having to go to school together you’ll like this
    9. Fruits basket
    10. Dr Stone
    11. MHA
    12. Attack on titan 3 only saw highlights
    13. Jojoba only saw highlights
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