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    Greetings! Before everything else, I'd like to apologize if I am posting this message in the wrong section of the forum. Apparently, the following info would rather fit Aspiring Writer Guild but I am not able to post there yet. Hope it's okay :)

    I am a representative of Booknet, a multi-lingual literary platform. I'd like to invite aspiring LitRPG authors to publish their works on our site. Here are a few reasons why it is worth considering.
    1. Booknet will help you to promote your novel. That includes but is not limited to posts on our pages on Facebook and Instagram, banners on the site and on our app, and even paid ads on Google and Facebook at our expense.
    2. We offer a set of handy tools to make e-publishing easier: detailed read statistics, blogs to communicate with your readers, scheduling new chapters to be posted automatically, and others.
    3. You don't have to sign anything or take any obligations until you become a paid author. If you decide that Booknet is not your cup of tea, you can remove your book at any moment.
    4. We are going to conduct a LitRPG literary contest with monetary rewards soon. Most likely the special prize will be publishing the book in paperback.
    5. Once you gain the status of a commercial author, you'd be able to sell your books. You get 80% royalty from each sale of your completed exclusive paid book (and 70% for other types of sales). I am positively sure that this is the highest percentage available on the market. Requirements for obtaining the status are transparent and identical for all writers.

    Feel free to ask any questions - will be my pleasure to cover any particular aspect in detail.

    P.S.: if you're a reader, you might find it useful to check Booknet too! Currently, we have only a small number of LitRPG novels in English right now, and an enormous collection of books of this genre in Russian (a lot of them are exclusive).

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