Help me find this light novel plx

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    Hi, it's my first time posting on here so apologies if I broke any posting rules/guidelines that I was unaware of. I'm currently trying to remember the name of a light novel I read a while ago, it made me laugh hysterically so I'd love to find it again.

    The two genres it fits into are comedy and school.
    The plot is basically an extremely popular boy in high school is paranoid to the extent that he believes everyone hates him. ie he gets nominated to be class president and gets the unanimous vote but it must be because his classmates dislike him and want to give him an undesirable job.
    One of the crucial scenes that I remember takes place at a school festival where the protagonist (popular paranoid guy) finds out that he was actually well liked the entire time and people really didn't hate him.

    ... and that's it. I know it's not a lot to go on, in fact it's very little to go on but if you're reading this and you know which story I'm talking about please let me know.

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