larp and the stupid things bordom causes

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    So.. I've been larping for years playing both Vampire the Requiem and Vampire the Masquerade. I can tell you that my characters die often because boredom attacks me and leads me to some stupid stuff. Like this one time, I decided to try to get resources 5 without spending xp on it. I went to a library and tried to sell Vampirism on ebay. I became the FBI's b*tch, needless to say. They staked me outside and I woke up in a cell where I was informed that I was injected with something that would not play well with the chemicals in the city's water so if I drank from anyone that drank the water, I wouldn't gain any nourishment. Rather, I had to feed them information about the inner workings of the Vampire Society in order to get fresh blood.

    Another time, I tried to burn down the main tent of the Midnight Circus. Big mistake there. As a Tremere operating in a Fae powered circus, I found myself surrounded and frog marched to my death after all of my magic powers stopped working. Had I been on the other side of the fence when I launched my firebolt at the tent, I would have survived.

    What stupid things has boredom driven you to?
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