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    Hello, just stumbled into this forum today and was wondering if people here do feedback for authors. I have three complete LitRpg books, and I am nearing completing of a fourth.

    I am currently a long time writer who is working on his English degree, and I've been writing for most of my adult life, be it article work, or short stories. Most of it for my own entertainment.

    Earlier this year I stumbled into a LitRpg audiobook, and was frustrated after I started to explore the genre and saw how many authors focused so heavily on leveling up, and the traditional aspects of gaming. This was often at the expense of storytelling. So, I decided to start writing my own series using my own take on the genre. Thus, Endaria was born.

    My novels have two settings, the first being in a dystopian vision of the future where the USA is a shadow of it's former self, with only a few states remaining. The country is slowly recovering after having recently crawled out into retaliative prosperity after a brief nuclear exchange that left many major cities devastated. There are giant mechs, orbital space habitats, and a political situation that is ready to explode, as well as a swiftly approaching world conflict.

    The main character from the first two books is an ex-soldier who finds that a full immersion game called Endaria is much more than meets the eye. As events spiral out of control the real world he has to come to grips with the strange and far too lifelike world he has entered. From the very beginning, the readers find that Endaria is far more than just a game, and the size and scope of the world is almost beyond comprehension, with inhabitants that are far too lifelike for even futuristic technology to explain.

    The current project I'm working on is from the perspective of one of the inhabitants of Endaria, an airship captain who just trying to survive through all the turmoil in her world, and recover a surprising legacy that was left behind by the creators of her airship. She isn't a pirate, or a mercenary but a messenger for the Endarian messenger's guild. She is struggling to come to grips with a massive war brewing on her home planet, and the arrival of a new mysterious wave of "Travelers" who are undying and have very strange ways and customs as well as an often complete disregard for the people they encounter in Endaria.

    There are two things I was looking for if I can find reviewers here or other authors that can share their own experiences with the genre, and give advice. My own style is hardly typical of most LitRPG I've read, and while I have three full novel size books up for review, I still need some more feedback. So far my reviewers have been a few of my friends and fellow university students. I haven't found as many gamers as I'd like to review my work, and no other LitRPG authors so far.

    So anyone out there?
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