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    So I just read the manwha(Korean manga/webtoon) Solo leveling (104 chapters) in one night and it is fantastic.
    It takes place on earth that several years ago has had these gates start appearing all over the world that contain dungeons and when these gates appeared some people were awakened and become hunters, granted abilities either magic, or warrior or healing etc to enter and combat the dungeons so that their monsters don’t enter the real world. It has the alphabet ranking system with E being the weakest and S being the highest but that’s it once you get that rank you can’t get stronger. The main character is the lowest of the low E rank and risks his life daily on dungeon dives to support his family. On one such dive in a life or death scenario a prompt appears and his whole life changes. He has a second awakening and becomes the first person with the ability to level up.
    My personal rankings for it Out of 5
    Story/MC 4 it’s done so well that I dint mind that the story is pretty basic with the MC just leveling up , clearing a dungeon, leveling up hiding his real rank and clearing more dungeons, with a sprinkling of human enemies throughout.
    Art 5 it’s beautiful. Manwha webtoons differ from manga in several ways first is full color, second instead of page by page panels it’s more of a scrolling down Which makes it really easy to read.
    Side characters/antagonists 3 it’s called solo Leveling for a reason. Some side characters are fun but they get almost no real time to shine. Same with antagonists.
    Concept and World building. 4-5 right up my ally. Dungeon crawling flavor mixed with real world elements.

    it’s a high recommend from me. I may start reading the light novel. Anyone else read it? Any recommendations of other Manwha. I’ve burned through most good isekai (Overlord, Re:Zero, reincarnated As a Slime, shield hero, konosuba, etc)

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