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    I'm looking for novels available as audiobooks (So I can listen to them at work muwhaha) that focus on the character's journey and growth. How he hatches a plan to gain exp by killing this powerful monster with a trap or crafting equipment.
    Most novels start out this way, maybe hunting wolves and surviving in the wilds, until they reach a town and start building a base.
    I absolutely hate town building.

    For the 'Solo' part what I mean is; I was reading Adventures on Terra this week and it started out great until at level 2 the MC is saved from a warg by a group of three high level adventurers who take him under their wing. It was so sad. They gave him gear and start his 'training'. I felt like all of the adventure in this new mysterious world was thrown away for a wooden hut and growth by sparring. I kept reading and it became a book about clearing dungeon levels and selling loot in town to buy upgrades.
    iI don't hate dungeons mind, but doing them this way, 'dungeon town' limits you to one spot forever and it's dull, there's no adventuring.

    Novels that come to mind like this are Emperor of Soloplay (Emperor of Solo Play - Novel Updates) in which the main character uses past attempt at life knowledge to get ahead of other players and become a powerhouse. (unfortunately the author ended this novel early ;-;)

    After all this i'd like to add a disclaimer that i'm not taking a hard stance against things like town building, so long as the book has that 'i'm adventuring, exploring, meeting interesting people and growing'.
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